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“Good Deeds through the Generosity of Donors, Shoppers and Volunteers”

The Country Fair White Elephant
Scholarship Foundation

The Scholarship Foundation is a way to provide educational opportunities for local graduating students seeking a college degree. At all times, the Foundation funds 20 students attending schools of higher learning each year. The Country Fair White Elephant Scholarship Foundation is funded by an annual donation made by the Country Fair White Elephant.

Students graduating from Sahuarita High School or Walden Grove High School, who meet eligibility requirements, may apply for a Country Fair White Elephant Scholarship. The application period for scholarships are in March & April of each year. Scholarship packets and deadline information may be obtained from the Guidance Counselors at Sahuarita High School and Walden Grove High School during the application period. Students who have graduated from Continental School and subsequently graduated from an accredited high school in Pima County, and who meet the eligibility requirements listed below, may also obtain a scholarship packet from the Guidance Counselor at either of the Sahuarita District High Schools during the application period. For More Information Contact your School Counselor

The White Elephant
Summer Student Work Program

The White Elephant welcomed Sahuarita Middle and High School students to the Summer Student Work Program. This program began in June of 2006, and has became a life-skills experience for the students, giving them a head start for future employment. This years workers were very excited to be hired and for some of them this is their first part-time job. The students who participate are selected through the Sahuarita Schools Human Resource Department and students who have worked at least one summer at the White Elephant are encouraged to apply again the following year.

Each year, the program has had a positive impact on the work environment at the White Elephant. The students have done a great job in assisting volunteers and staff with the receiving department duties and in various other departments. In addition, several of the students have worked on the sales floor and have even learned to sell furniture and work as cashiers. This creates a win-win situation, giving the students valuable experience that they will be able to use in future employment situations. The White Elephant is proud to support and fund this innovative program that gives student participants a solid foundation and great advantage as they begin their journey to higher education and future employment.